Our Vision

Our vision is to be market leader in all our industry verticals by focusing on quality, honesty and excellence. Our vision is that our company which commenced in 1962 should have sustained growth in every vertical and it should impact the economy and society in a very positive way by creating landmarks and building values.

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George Maijo Agri

Our Mission

Our mission is to create values in the lives of all our clients including the grass root workers like fishermen, farmers, our employees and all stakeholders.

Kisaan hamare desh ki shaan hai

George Maijo lives by cultivating ideas for growth in the literal sense. Our goal is to serve the farming community in India, by providing high quality products at subsidized rates. George Maijo is in collaboration with WEIMA and AMEC for a wide range of light agriculture farming equipment such as power tillers, weeders, reapers, transplanters, sprayers, brush cutters and pumpsets.

There is constant innovation of product technology for various farm activities like soil preparation, seeding, transplanting, irrigation, plant protection, weeding & amp; harvesting operations. George Maijo brings affordable and appropriate mechanization to small and marginal farmerswho are facing labor shortage due to huge migration of labor from rural to urban areas.

We believe in improving the quality of life of farmers as well as overcoming labor shortages by providing more mechanized products. Our portfolio includes products for all major operations of cultivation such as land preparation, plantation, crop management, harvesting and post harvesting. Our product range is powerful, fuel efficient and reliable. George Maijo has a presence all over India with a 500+ dealer network, who provide effective after-sales service and we are keen to expand this network further. George Maijo is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.


George Maijo Agri

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Oct 2018


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