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The head of the spiritual center of Kalapurna’s Jainalay, honorable Shree Muni Suvratswami’s huge Prasad will be sculpted.. this megastructure will be sculpted in white marble.

A 63-inch statue of Muni Suvrat swami will be erected and the place where the great soul will reside will be 18 x 18 ­ and the stage would be as large as 81 x 81 ­ without any pillars.. which will be very surprising and unique in the Jain community as there is no other jinalay having such a stage without any pillars and that too covering 6500 square…


Our inspiration

Aacharya Kalapurna Suri was an extra ordinary spiritual saint with outstanding virtues. He was a very experienced and knowledgeable ascetic of the spiritual path. He was an unparalleled devotee of Tirthankars and mostly spent 2 to 3 hours in Jin Mandir everyday.

Kalapurna’s Jainalay is a host of honorable Shree Muni Suvratswami’s massive prasad sculpture. Sculpted in white marble, this mega structure will take the form of a marvelous piece one could bow to! Kalapurnam pays homage to its precedents by giving their devotees a place where they can preach and pray with all heart.

The blueprint includes carving out a 63-inch statue of Muni Suvrat Swami along with an 18 x 18 ft stage where the statue would reside. It will be the first time in ancient history of Jainism such an architect is taking place as there has been no other jinalay having such a massive stage without any pillars, covering 6500 sq ft area. This devotional ground can hold together approx. 2500 devotees to go on a spiritual journey with one another.



Release Date

Jun 2023


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