A digital platform for today’s generation that uses latest technology to imbibe Jain values in children. Sanskar Vatika aims at providing wisdom by imparting the core values of Jain philosophy along with Jain Sutras to children all over the world.

Why Us?

One step from darkness to light. Ignorance is darkness, knowledge is light, darkness of ignorance does not allow us to know the true identity of the object. Even if someone throws a diamond that has come in hand in the dark as a piece of glass, it is a loss. And in the dark, even if you keep a piece of shining glass in your hand as a diamond and keep it safe in the safe, there is a loss.

True knowledge is that which gives birth to wisdom in the soul. What to do, what not to do, what to say,
what not to say, what to think, what not to think, what to leave, what not to leave, this is the right
knowledge that creates wisdom. In a nutshell, the knowledge that gives the knowledge of what is
graspable, knowable , and to knowing the usefulness is true knowledge. That is right knowledge.

Children’s life is like blotting paper. The sanskars which parents or teachers work hard to inculcate
in them, those sanskars develop in them. If the children are given information about the sutras,
economics and philosophy of Jain philosophy, according to their grasping power, then today’s
child can become a successful guide for thousands in future.

After the death of Pandit Bhushan Panditvarya Shri Kunwarjibhai Dosi, who has immense
gratitude on our Mandal, it was a wish of the leading members of the Mandal that the flame of
good knowledge, which Panditji has ignited, should continue to burn in the future. Every human
can do welfare of self and others



Release Date

Jun 2022


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